My first painting.

My first painting.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Things People do to Piss off Cashiers. Assholes!!

Where do I begin on this one??  I have been a cashier in some form or fashion for 17 years off and on, more on than off.  People have never been as mean and bitter as they are now.  I understand that we live in hard times but I am not forcing anyone to come buy shit at the store where I work, so why are 50% of the customers assholes??  That's the question of the century!!  Just a few things that bother me.... again, in no particular order:

* Do not throw your money at the cashier.  She (I) will throw it back!
* Do not give me a assload of change.  (I gotta count that at the end of my shift so damn, roll that shit up)
* If the cashier actually speaks to you, then please speak back.  (you ain't gotta be all rude and shit)
* STAY OFF YOUR FUCKING PHONE!!!!!  (That's really number fucking one right there, I don't wanna hear your bullshit and no one else does either).
* Why the hell are you still writing checks and holding up the line??  Really?
* Be kind, if you have thirty items and the guy behind you only has two.... come on>>  Do I really need to say it?  Apparently I do, Let them go ahead of you asshole.
* I would rather the money get handed to me rather than being laid on the counter, not being picky, just my opinion.
* Quit coming in the store in pajama pants, really?  Are we that lazy that we can't even get dressed anymore?
* Just generally being an asshole or rude.  Don't take it out on me because your life isn't going right.

People amaze me with how they carry themselves these days.  My Grandmother is rolling in her grave at the way people act now.  Be nice to people, you never know who will be nice back.

  Karma bitches!!

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  1. AMEN!!!!!! How about when its like 150 degrees outside and a big woman (and I mean BIG) comes in and pulls the money out of her bra and its got her boob sweat all over it....GROSS! That makes me wanna say, 'uh, I have my own bodily fluids, I don't want yours' makes me wanna throw up!